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ELIASECURE offers consulting services or implementation of ultra-secure IT solutions for SMEs and large companies, as well as private individuals.

In a digital world where hackers and other cyber attacks are becoming more and more aggressive and resourceful, it is essential to have an appropriate protection security that is at the forefront of the modern world that meets the reality of today.

You would not leave the door of your house open… Would you? It’s the same with your company’s data, and its security. The same goes for individuals.

To prevent attacks, or at least to mitigate them, the only effective answer is to have an adequate computer protection/ security.

ELIASECURE offers you the following customized services and solutions:

  • IT security services / Cyberprotection
  • IT security audit
  • Consulting
  • Data Protection
  • Computer troubleshooting
  • Data recovery
  • Analysis and prevention of attacks/intrusion
  • Cyberprotection/ IT Security Consulting
  • Honey Pots
  • IT support for infected computers/machine
  • Website protection
  • Network protection
  • Email Encryption solutions
  • Latest generation protection

ELIASECURE operates 7/7 throughout Switzerland. We even use HELICOPTERS (on client’s request) to intervene quickly and help and assist you.

VICTIM OF A HACKER or MALWARE? Contact us without delay, do not wait until it’s too late


Facts and figures:

Here are some figures compiled by our experts, particularly interesting to consult and to use as a good indicator …

  • 150 Billion > The number of malicious e-mails that the whole world receives in a day
  • 100’000 > The number of e-mail boxes hacked in the world every day
  • 90’000 > The number of malware created on a daily basis
  • 40’000 > The number of attempts of annual intrusion on computers of corporations and individuals / private
  • 37’000 > The number of websites that are hacked every day


According to PWC incidents in cyber security increase by 40% each year.


You want to find out if you have been the target of a hacker or if you are a victim of an intrusion attempt ?
Contact us to request a quote.

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