Application domains

Housing/ Houses

Access to the buildings entrances, mailboxes, access to the garage

Banks/ Financial Area

Biometric identification of customers of the bank, biometric access to computers, clocking management of work schedules for employees, biometric access to the printer, biometric online banking.


Check-in / out of guests, doors of rooms, access to Spa and Wellness, biometric payments in the restaurant, bar, swimming pool during the stay


Stadiums, Museums, Fitness Clubs

Check-in / out of customers, identification of subscription holders


Universities/ High Schools

Universities/ High Schools Setting secure access to buildings or campuses for rooms, attendance management, and for exams



Biometric payments

Hospitals/ Medical Area

Access to operating rooms, identification of newborns in hospitals

Luxury Jewelery Shops/ Stores

Access and opening jewelry showcases and watches with the hand with the biometric access, identification of VIP clients instantly


Biometric payments, special offers for your customers, attendance statistics for your restaurant among your most regular customers

These are only examples of applications that ELIAMETRIX group can offer you.



ELIAMETRIX provides innovative ultra-secure “best in class” solutions which will always be based on the latest technologies available in the market to delivery the greatest solutions to our clients.