Your hand towards the Future

Swiss Biometrics Technologies



ELIAPAY is a unique world class and ultra-secure payment solution designed to streamline the so-called “usual card” payment by integrating bank data directly into your hand.

Imagine for a minute being able to pay and buy anything you want with your HAND…This is now a reality with ELIAPAY !


ELIACCESS is the company’s subsidiary of “biometric systems installation”. The goal is to secure and facilitate access in various places such as hotels, banks, fitness, airports and others via biometrics just to name these examples.


ELIASECURE offers best-in-class consulting services and implementation of ultra-secure IT solutions for Swiss and International SMEs and large corporations. Benefit from the latest technologies and solutions available in the market thanks to ELIAMETRIX’s network and partners.


ELIAMETRIX is a Swiss company which was created in 2017 by its two co-founders:

Jean Elias Roulin et Mark Winiger

Headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, ELIAMETRIX offers Swiss biometrics access solutions for full identification and authentication,consulting, cyberprotection / IT security services, and is active in research and development of biometric access solutions in connection with biometrics payment solutions.

ELIAMETRIX provides tailored made biometric solutions and services ranging from voice, facial, palmvein, fingerprint and retinal scanning for a combination of ultra-secure authentication in the digital world.

“Our ambtion is to modernize the way we connect to the world around us through biometrics, and the hand represents that symbol for us.”

The two co-founders Jean Elias Roulin and Mark Winiger wish to leave their mark on the world through their visions of biometrics and how it can improve people’s lives.

“Our world will experience a digital revolution, an upheaval that will affect all of us and which will accelerate over the next few years. ELIAMETRIX will also contribute to tomorrow’s innovations through technologies and solutions developed within the company.”


The purpose of the ELIAMETRIX Foundation is to distribute some of its profits to associations and foundations that are active in charity, education, and for children in third world countries, or who work to save the planet and our climate.

This Foundation is very important to the co-founders of ELIAMETRIX: Jean Elias Roulin and Mark Winiger, who wish to make a positive impact in the world through their Foundation.

“Helping others and contributing to the overall well-being of humanity are essential values for the proper functioning of our world.”

If you wish to support causes that are important to us, or simply wish to make a donation to support our Foundation, do not hesitate to contact us for more information.